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Distributor for Chile

We are Pharmanona's distributor for Brazil and Chile

Application video of 9 year old child !!!

Dear Demien Ray,
thank you very much for your super explanation how to use the urine rapid test.

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Here it is at last, the first Covid-19 rapid urine-based test that delivers a result within 15 seconds.
- No more painful samples with a nasal / throat swab.
- No error rates in sample collection such as swabs
- Our test does not work on the basis of a PCR test!

Approvals, clinical trial, German analysis:
The clinical study of the NCI (Nothern Clinics of Istanbul) certifies the Foamingtest a positive result!
The analysis made in Germany by Prof. Dr. Dr. Henkel ( University of Rostock ) is completed and confirms the clinical study of the NCI.

Publication at PubMed.gov

The approval of the European Union for professional use has been granted:

Excerpt from the instructions for use

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